3 easy ways to teach children to be mindful

3 easy ways to teach children to be mindful

In a world of instant gratification, I really wanted to teach the triplets to be mindful, focused on the present moment, and to really think twice before acting.

It may seem like a daring feat for a mom of triplets, but there are 3 tools I use everyday to reinforce teaching mindfulness.

1. Model the behavior I want to see

2. Ask questions

3. Start a daily gratitude practice 

As a new mom, I quickly learned that my role was to teach second and model first. So I focused on modeling the behavior I wanted to see.

Asking questions has become a very important part of my daily parenting tools. I don’t assume anything, I always ask questions. It’s a great way for me to understand how the kids’ thinking patterns are forming so I can nurture deductive and critical thinking skills and remind them to focus on the present moment.

The third tool is a daily gratitude practice. In order to form a habit, kids have to practice several times every day. We do a gratitude practice after any activity, play date, a trip to the grocery store or library, a visit from family. After the activity one of the kids starts the practice “I am grateful for...” and then lists their gratitude. They then get to pick the next person and ask the same question. A daily gratitude practice helps them focus on what they’re doing when they’re doing it because they have to pick out what they’re grateful for afterwards. It also helps them focus on the positive.

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