The best way to nurture emotional intelligence in a child

The best way to nurture emotional intelligence in a child

Whether you have a newborn, toddler, or older child, the best way to nurture their emotional intelligence is by making eye contact.

I know, it sounds too simple. But I challenge you, tomorrow, to count the number of times you make eye contact with your child.


I promise, it’s a lot less than you think.

Eye contact reminds us all that we’re human. And by making eye contact consistently with a child, we not only nurture and strengthen our connection with them, we also start to bring their awareness to the power of making contact with another person.

As a mom of triplets, I accidentally stumbled onto the power of eye contact.


For the first 5 years, I consciously made eye contact every single time I spoke with one of the triplets or if they spoke to me.


We skipped the terrible 2s and threenage years because the triplets always felt they were being heard.

It’s such an effective tool that, if used consistently, can totally transform any conversation and any relationship.

In fact, now, even when I miss the eye contact moments, the kids will say to me “look in my eyes so I know you’re listening.”


And that just makes me smile!


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