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Frog Pose T-Shirt Organic Cotton

Frog Pose T-Shirt Organic Cotton

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Every yoga-inspired t-shirt encourages your child to partake in an active lifestyle, with each character demonstrating their own yoga pose. Lovingly crafted from premium organic cotton, this gentle fabric creates a haven of safety, allowing your little one to explore, play, and dream without compromise.
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Why Customers Choose Us

Soft and Breathable

Stretchy, breathable, butter-soft fabric that allows for maximum air circulation and bacteria elimination

100% Organic Cotton

Every piece is made from 100% Organic Cotton and exceeds GOTS standards, ensuring the best quality for your child

Non-Toxic Materials

Dyed with AZO-free/heavy metal-free eco-friendly dyes Nickel free snaps to prevent allergic reaction

About Our Founder

After Supna became a first time mother to triplets, she knew how important it was to raise them with emotional intelligence and a healthy lifestyle. That's why she created WeGo Kids - yoga-like clothing inspiring future generations to live active lifestyles.