Positive Words for Women T-shirt

Positive Words for Women T-shirt

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Women encounter hundreds of negative words throughout their lifetime.  These words often serve to diminish or dismiss a woman's body or voice.  Negative words are easy to find in our daily lives, in politics, and in entertainment.  What is much harder to do is to come up with an equal number of positive and empowering words for women.  This t-shirt was created as a reminder that the words we choose matter and that all women are brave, strong, courageous and vibrant.

The artist, Rachael Wood, is a sexual assault survivor.  She is particularly aware of how the negative words can result in victim shaming and blaming, and how the words we choose perpetuate rape culture.  Because of this, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these shirts will be donated to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.)  

Let's create a world where the next generation does not have to feel ashamed or scared to raise their hand and say me too.  Let's choose to stand up and be vibrant.

WeGo kids is proud to support Rachael Wood and her mission to spread this positive message throughout the world.  Positive wear for positive people.

Features: This tee features a V-neck, short sleeves and a new modern, relaxed fit for effortless style. Color: Berry

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